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A Ferris Family Tree





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Feel free to download these files for your personal use,

 but if you plan of using the information contained herein for monetary gain, please dont.

I am not making any money from this, so you shouldnt either.





In 1988, my father passed away and I inherited some Civil War letters that had been passed down from my great-grandfather

to my grandfather to my father. I did not know they existed until I got them.  Those letters got me started on this journey.

Prior to that, I was not particularly interested in family history.  Oh, I knew I was somehow related to the inventor of the Ferris Wheel,

but other than that, my interest was minimal. I found out that others had plowed the Ferris Family ground and there were several sources of documentation

already available.  I saw right away that I was a direct descendant of Jeffrey.  And I also saw right away,

 the need of compiling all of the sources into one document thank heavens for the computer and updating the information

contained in the sources.  Unlike most sensible folks, I decided that I would not only seek to update my direct line, but also make the compilation include ALL of the

descendants of Jeffrey, not just Ferris, but ALL descendants little did I know what I was getting into.  But, the journey has been wonderful.

I have met cousins from all corners of this country and Canada, even some living overseas.  The updating of this compilation would

not have been possible without the willingness of our cousins to share their family information and to each and everyone, I say Thank You!

This communication is two-way. I do not make this journey for monetary gain. But I do ask that if you use this information for your family, please provide

me with your familys information, so I can update the Tree seems fair to me!




K Everyone involved in the Jeffrey Ferris genealogy, owes James Swan Ferris, USN-Retired, Chaplain (1914-1995) a debt of gratitude for his

years of work compiling the information on the Ferris Family. Chaplain Ferris work formed

the basis for my compilation.  Chaplain Ferris is of the Jeffrey > (1) John line.


KK Robert Lee & Marcele (Holloway) Ferris my parents instilled in me a love of family I grew up with 3 sisters and a brother

and tons of 1st, 2d and 3d cousins and had no idea how extended the family would grow to be. 


KKK Last, but not least, I owe an unpayable debt to Carol, for her understanding of this addiction I have

called A Ferris Family Tree.  Thanks, Carol, for your patience!